All in One Place

Ep 125: Tik Tok Protest - with Michael Burns!

This week we talk about the amazing tik tok protest that happened at the Tulsa Trump rally. We are joined by writer, comedian, and PhD haver Michael Burns.

Ep 124: An Update On Karens with Den'zel Ward

This week Den'Zel Ward joins to talk about Karens! We run through some of the biggest new stories over the last week!

Ep 123: Itadakimasu (Thanks For The Food)

This week we are back to talk about current news. Ed talks about what anime he's watching. We discuss how to talk to your problematic family, the NFL Commissioner saying they were wrong, The UFC fight, and Minnesota City Council preposing to dismantle the police.

Ep: 122: How Convenient - Quarantine Conspiracies w/Beatrice Black

This week Beatrice Black makes her triumphant return to the Finger Guns Comedy Network! She talks all things quarantine conspiracy theories. She is joined by her co-host Gordan Joseph-Levitt and they both have some hot conspiracies to discuss.

Ep 121: Tik Tok House w/Amey Goerlich, Emily Clark, and Jessica Rogers

We are joined by Lauren baker (Amey Goerlich) who is looking for her son Kevin, Buddy the robot dog (Emily Clark), Katie the tik tok den mother (Jessica Rogers), and Pimp Dracula (Steve Sotelo). Adam and Ed talk about how they were both drafted by the Chicago bulls in the 90's. Very fun show!

Ep 120: Best Times Of Our Lives w/Peter Verdell, Sam Johnson, and Elizabeth McIrvin

This week we are joined by the insanely talanted artists Peter Verdell from Forever X2 and Lion-S! He's play some music and we talk about the best times of our lives. We are also joined by Sam Johnson from the Recap Game Show, Elizbath McIrvin from Mystery In The Radio Waves, and Steve Sotelo from Roasted!

Ep 119: Oral Fixation With Ryan Rosenberg, Katie Dahlson, and Jordan Wilson

This live episode we are joined by the marvelous Ryan Rosenberg join us in a another virtual happy hour. We are joined by UCLA professor and a gym owner. This episode was nuts! Enjoy!

Ep 118: Depravity In The Quarantine w/Meg Joh, Cait Chock, and Cory Webster

This week we talk to Meg and Cory who are sheltering in place together. We check in with Cory on his Breakfast Coke hot take and hear a truly crazy story about his first job. Meg tell stories from her first job out of college and how we don't need to productive right now. We are also joined by Becca, a rich party promoter and Matt a CVS employee. It's get wild and we hear about some depraved acts! Check it out.

Ep 117: 420 Virtual Happy Hour - With Pete Byrnes, Eric Pastore, and Ezra Parter!

Happyyyyyyyyy FOUR TWENTY BRO! - Yesterday. This episode was filmed live as part of the Smoke and Stay and Home marathon on the Finger Guns Comedy channel. We are joined by Pete Byrnes and Eric Pastore who play some music for us! Because it's an open virtual happy hour we are also joined by Chatty Daddy!, Weed and Rocks, and Lester Pipps. This episode is wild!

Ep 116: Boxer's Aren't Masks With Jordan Moore

This week we are joined by Jordan Moore from the Unpacking Minimalism! This is an open virtual happy hour where we drink. Because it's an open chat we are joined by two rando's named Kevin Theiss Tyson Kev, who are very interesting people!

Ep 115: Everything Is A Metaphor With MaryLeigh Roohan

On this very special Musical episode we hear some tunes from the ultra talented MaryLeigh Roohan! Her music is soulful and haunting! We were very lucky to have here. In between sets we talk to her about what inspires her music, what she likes to write about, and Adam's weak chin!

Ep 114: Scorched Earth W/ Billy Merritt

This week we are joined by the hilarious Billy Merritt! He's an author, actor, writer, improviser, and teacher. We talk to him about the old days of UCB, what SWARM actually stands for, and he he loves old movie theatres! Very Fun episode!

Ep 113: F*ck Granite Bay High School W/Cait Chock

Fuck Granite Bay High School!!!!! Oh, Sorry. Didn't see you there. How are you? You washing your hands! Good! This week comedian Cait Chock is on the show! Adam and Cait went to the same high school and they both hated it! We dive deep in to the terrible high school dynamic of a small town in Northern California. Cait's hot take is about Miley Cyrus and guess what, Edward is fan as well. It's a lot of fun.

Ep 112: Quarantine Special!

This week we disrupt our regular scheduled programing to talk about current affairs. Adam is trying a new remote service and they figure out how it works live on air. It ended up being really good except for Ed and Steve being too close to each other when recording.

Ep 111: You Need To Buy This Moviepass w/ Bonnie Efird Cooke and Jonathan Cooke

This week we talked to the writer and director of The Gentle Art Jonatan Cooke who is also joined by actor and co-start of the same film Bonnie Cooke! We talked to them about the film Little women, movie pass, and what it's like making a short film. Adam definitely didn't have them on just so he could say he used to Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and talk about his resume! Very fun ep!