All in One Place

Ep 112: Quarantine Special!

This week we disrupt our regular scheduled programing to talk about current affairs. Adam is trying a new remote service and they figure out how it works live on air. It ended up being really good except for Ed and Steve being too close to each other when recording.

Ep 111: You Need To Buy This Moviepass w/ Bonnie Efird Cooke and Jonathan Cooke

This week we talked to the writer and director of The Gentle Art Jonatan Cooke who is also joined by actor and co-start of the same film Bonnie Cooke! We talked to them about the film Little women, movie pass, and what it's like making a short film. Adam definitely didn't have them on just so he could say he used to Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and talk about his resume! Very fun ep!

Ep 110: Put Me On Your Open Mic W/ Agostino Zoida

This week we talk to the hilarious Agostino Zoida about his time as a manager for a comedy club, 21 pilots, and how he still remembers one of Adam's old jokes. Ed is trying something new and we get suprise drop in from comedian Zack Tanner.

Ep 109: Creative Control w/ Henry Kaiser

This week the hilarious Henry Kaiser comes on the show! We talk about what makes a good TV show great, how Michael Scott is funnier than Steve Carell, and what exactly is Jekyll's Asshole! We are also joined by guest Ezra Parter who is determined to be on this years best of episode by being a little nice boy!.

Ep 108: The Truck Dance W/Nice Ghost!

This week we get haunted by a nice ghost, again! Tyler James aka Nice Ghost comes back on the show to promote his new song, I've Got Somebody out now! We play a game of marry, fuck, kill on the dolly Parton challenge. We pick which social media we want to have in our lives. It gets very real. Nice Ghost also plays some of his fantastic songs along with a never before heard song! That's right, we got an exclusive performance that you can't find anywhere else on the internet!

Ep 107: Valentines Day Tamale Husk W/The Alphas

This is v special V day special. Adam, Ed, Steve and special guest Andrew hand over the show (and their hearts) to The Alphas! That's right! Old Fingies out there will remember some of our favorite hosts. Frankie, Mikey, Alex and of course D'Jonte! They talk about how they're different now. Frankie's married, Alex is definitely not struggling, and D'Jonte is getting used to living in his brothers Body! Mikey however, has a weird new accent. They try to figure out whats going on with him while also answering some classic first date questions. It very romantic!

Ep 106: 2020 Babe w/ Big Tabacoo

This week we are joined by the hilarious sketch team Big Tobacco! We talk rule of threes, whats their truths are, air bud, and if incest should be legal. We get fucking crazy! Casey from big tobacco thinks Jimmy Kimmel live has the best concerts. Though this may seem just like another concert hot take, you won't want to miss this one!

Ep 105: I'm Grown Up! w/Jason King and Elise Scarlott!

This week we are joined by two very awesome guests. Elise Scarlott actress, dancer, and Danny's wife comes on the show to talk about how people are assholes and sometimes saying I'm vegan isn't enough for people. Our second guest is Comedian Jason King. He wants people to stop calling themselves sober and just say they're grown up. It's a very spicy hot take. We also hear some stories about drinking in high school, going back home, and we do some very prov!

Ep. 104: Opening Your Cupboards w/Lauren Hrehovick!

This week we talk to Comedian Lauren Hrehovcik! She drops some names as she talks about working behind the camera as on set props designer. We also discover that she much rather be the one entertaining people. Her hot take this week is about how annoying it is to be dating someone that buys in bulk. Adam felt personally attacked and Ed and Lauren got along like gangbusters! Such a fun episode!

Ep. 103: Not Okay, Boomer! w/ Jane Morris

This week we are joined Jane Morris. Her comedy resume is too long to list, she's practically an improv comedy legend. We talk to her about how she got in to comedy in chicago, why she won't ever stop doing improv, and what it was like doing comedy in a church! Her hot take is about how everyone should chill out on the "Ok, boomer" stuff. She makes the case that the boomers where the hippies, the people fighting for change. The generation we should actually be mad it is Gen X! It was a wild time!

Best of 2019: Part 2

Welcome back to Finger Guns Comedy Best of 2019! In this second half Adam and Ed countdown the top 5 most listened to episodes plus two extra shoutout episodes! Not going to spoil the surprise of which episodes landed where. Enjoy the show!

Best of 2019: Part 1

This week Adam and Ed recap the most popular episodes of the year plus some special shoutouts! Ed also talks about his favorite shoutouts of shoutouts to the Dice Man, and Diplomats! Thanks for the awesome year. Enjoy some of the best episodes we've had so far!

Ep. 102: Holiday Vision Board w/ Rachel Slawson, Elizabeth McIrvin, Yulia Kirillova, and Jessica Rogers

Happy Holiday's everyone. On this Christmas Eve we are bringing you a special holiday episode! We talk to improvisor Rachel Slawson aka Salty Rachel about working as a flight attendant on the holidays, what she wants for Christmas, competing to become Ms. Utah, and what her vision board looks like! We are also joined by Tabby (Ms. Burbank 1987), Father Timothy, Adam's mom, and one very special guest! Ho Ho Ho! Merry Christmas!

Ep. 101: Eat, Pray, Lovin' It! w/Melissa Heiman & Zach Pyke

This week we are joined by actor and improvisors Melissa Heiman & Zach Pyke! We talk to them about their recent travels in Europe and how Bosnia is just a tourist attraction for Game of Thrones. We also hear about how they got their groove back while on vacation. Zack talks about something very personal, his hatred for GPS and he teaches us about how streets should work. Melissa tells us about how big of an Elton John fan she is, but also how Rocket Man probably needs to be re-written to cut out all the bad group therapy scenes! And of course we do some improv. It was such a blast of a show and we want to thank both Zach and Melissa for getting a little personal.