All in One Place

Ep 145: Epic Fail: The Wrong Thing Game Show!

This week's show was a disaster. An Epic Fail if you will. We had a game that Steve planned and it ended very quickly. This was the exact thing we needed this week as we head in to the election. This show was so fun and funny! Check it out!

Ep 144: Scary Movie Sex Scenes w/ Sean Stark and Homespun Haints!

This week we discuss scary movie scenes, have metal movie reviews from Damien Thorn, a special interview with the gals from Homespun Haints, and special Guest Sean Stark tells us the difference between horror films and scary films! This is very special scary episode of Finger Guns Comedy!

Ep. 143: I Voted Sticker w/ Ani Djirdjirian!

This week we talk about the "I Voted" Stickers and how posting them is never actually funny. Later we are joined by the wonderful Ani Djirdjirian to talk about what's going on in Arshak and her family there. Today is also the last day to vote to by mail and be counted on election day. So. GO DO THAT! We also play a game called Prop Quiz where Adam quizes the gang on California Propositions!

Ep 142: Cara Meyers Is AMONG US Today!

Today we have the very lovely Cara Meyers joining us on the show to talk Among Us strategies, using the term "daddy", and the best way to slide into DM's! Plus we get Adam calling the people about the podcast and Steve vlogging his doctor exams!

Ep 141: Protest For PPE! - With Union Rep. Lori Condinus

This special episode marks our 3 year anniversary of doing this show! We invite friends Jessie McIntosh and Sam Johnson to chat about the week and how Trump will probably wear the world biggest mask after this week! Then we have an interview with Union Representative/ Den'zel's Aunt, Lori Condinus. We talk about all the things we need to do improve our cities as well as some fun stories about organizing walkouts and protests!

Ep 140: Merch Madness!!!!!

Steve has created a game show for the crew to compete in! The prize is far greater than they could ever dream of!

Ep 139: Loco Moco with Quincy Surasmith

This week, podcaster and journalist Quincy Surasmith help Adam and Steve make a loco Moco in real time live on air! Quincy guides them through his on recipe of a Loco Moco while also discussing how good story telling is important and what got him in to telling stories of Asian culture. We also play a game of blue ball hot takes!

Ep 138: The News Cycle with Nicole Charky

This week, journalist Nicole Charky comes on the show to talk about journalistic integrity, Steve does a blind fast food taste test, and Den’zel tries hard to not talk mess about a black queen. Such a fun show!

Ep 137: Jon Gruden's NFL Preview - Bonus Episode

On this special episode Ed sits down with Jon Gruden to go over his NFL preview. Later on in the show Jon sits down with Safiya Darling for an open discussion about sex! It’s Wild

Ep 136: What's A Becky?!

We’re joined by Comedian and Lawyer Lindsay Glazer this week to discuss food shortage in America and also talk about the difference between and Becky and a Karen. We also talk to to First Airman Lloyd Kapicky (Ezra Parter) and we hear about the Antifa navy.

Ep: 135: Burning Bridges on Facebook w/ Jada Rodriguez, Elise Scarlott, Grace Presse, & Jason Kaye

This week Adam gets the gang back together! They’re joined by Mark and Patty McClowskey (Jason Kaye & Grace Presse), Tom Brenaman and Mike Milbury (Danny Carpenter & Ezra Parter), and Jada Rodriguez redeems her technical woes from last time.

Ep 134: The Show That Gets Us Cancelled

Adam is out of town, which lets the gang go a bit wild! In this episode we talk about Adam's anniversary, our personal sponsorships, and blue ball hot takes!

Ep 133: Fire Tornado! with Jada Rodriguez and Evan Word

This week go back in Trump's brain, discuss whether or not Baron Trump's height is newsworthy, and whether or not Kara was a good Avatar. Jada Rodriguez joins us. Even though her video is frozen, it's still extremely photogenic. George RR Martin (Ezra Parter) stops by to talk about his writing process and we also talk to the CEO of Social Media (Evan Word).

Ep 132: Parking Lot Gym!

This week have a PSA about why people shouldn't leve their homes, we get real about unemployment, and we talk to someone show goes to a corona boxing gym! Very fun show! We also sit down with the DTC Academy. They are a group of comedians that started their own improv community to further representation in improv theaters. Adam sits down and talks to them about what inspired them to start their own theatre and why it's so important.

Ep 131: It's A Living!

This week we go inside President Trump's brain to see what caused him to tweet out delaying the election. We also watch a trump ad that looks very similar to a commercial for The Purge. Later, we talk to Post Master General Louis DeJoy (Ezra Parter)!